Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Social media is a new way to spread the information about your products or services. Does not matter if your business is B2B or B2C, social media marketing can help pass the word about your quality products and services. At thinktrekz technologies not only we limit to that, but we also manage your social media accounts, update content and track the results. Social media marketing is the engine that pushes your brand to the right audience. Our in-house creative teams work together, so your writers know which topics and headlines get the most clicks and your social strategists are up-to-date on the most important trends in your industry.

We realise that in order to achieve the company’s success in social media calls for a deep understanding of your customers’ needs and their journey throughout all stages of the buying cycle. We specialize in crafting targeted, high quality content that serves to attract, engage and even convert customers as they factor their social relationships into their purchasing decisions.

We understand that a success social media strategy ties outcomes to overarching business goals and connects you with the right prospects and customers on the proper platforms. It engages your loyal fans, friends, and followers through a combination of organic and paid media. Our social media marketing experience covers all of the major social networks and a variety of niche sites, including Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, SlideShare, YouTube and more.

  • Link Building

    Link building has an important part in determining the search engine rankings of a website. Any organization that deals in online services needs quality web traffic to ensure a quality growth rate and visibility on the World Wide Web. A professional link building service can improve the quality and quantity of links leading to your site. This makes the search engines value your site more that result in higher rankings in search results. But building of quality links or backlinks is one of the most time consuming and laborious side of marketing on the web.

    Our experienced staffs take over this task, analyse your existing backlinks and compare them with the links of your competitors to identify relevant websites that gives opportunity to create quality backlinks. The backlink portfolio created, will be far superior and can go a long way in making your site rank high up in the search results using your selected keywords.

  • Blog Commenting

    Blog commenting service is a relatively new technique to ensure one-way permanent links for your website. Blogging is an excellent way to find targeted audience and draw the traffic into to your website. Blog commenting service involves commenting on various blogs and posting links of a website with them. It is an indirect, yet extremely effective way of link building. Readers and subscribers will read the comment and might be inspired to click on the link too.

    Our blog comments will be created by expert blog commenters. Blog comments will be done after reading the blogs posts and they will be 100% natural. Our blog comments will be on targeted blogs having high quality value of blog posts. Posts comments will be well written with 100% grammar and top quality replies. Our blog commenting process is SEO friendly; we add SEO friendly blog comments that are well index in Google.

  • Competitive Analysis

    An in-depth investigation and analysis of your competition is one of the most important components of a comprehensive market analysis. A competitive analysis allows you to assess your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses in your marketplace and implement effective strategies to improve your competitive advantage.

    Infocare produces objective, well-informed competitive analysis and insight. We explain the motivation behind your competitor’s strategies and tactics, and we help interpret their implications for your business. Our analysts have the industry knowledge and competitive analysis skills to do this. We do this by utilising a mix of both qualitative and quantitative data analysis to conduct a competitive business intelligence assignment. By measuring various parameters and applying statistical software like SPSS and SAS, we can derive thorough and descriptive reports about your competitors.

  • SMO Services

    Social networking sites are not only one of the most frequently visited sites, but they are also highly trusted sources of information which has the power to influence user behaviour in a similar way like word-of-mouth advertising. Social Media Optimization (SMO) increases website popularity and connects people together with different point of views and interests through various social media websites like online communities, blogs and forums.

    Our SMO services strive to bring traffic to your site from various online social networks other than big search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. You will also be assured to improve search engine rankings by having successful social media optimization services with us. Our social media optimization services include various large social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. We provide both on site and off site SMO services.